1:1 Coaching Areas of Focus

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  • Awareness of the Self: Light (Higher Self) and Dark (Lower Self) 
  • Clarity on the patterns blocking your highest potential
  • Processes to receive the lessons within in order to unravel the pattern
  • Cultivating a Sustainable Inner Practice to Continue the Transmutation Process 
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  • Ideal Career Vision
  • Map out Higher Self Blueprint
  • Formulate Personalized Action Plan and Goals
  • Implement Back End Systems + Structure
  • Identify Brand Identity 
  • Create Brand Aligned Marketing and Promotional Plan through Social Channels
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  • Identifying patterns blocking you from - how you have been giving your power to the outside
  • Understanding where it came from and why you have been doing it
  • Becoming your own beloved, a whole being, by giving yourself that which you have been seeking outside and becoming the person you want to attract

I choose to only work with women who I know I can support powerfully, who are aligned, ready to invest in themselves, & are 111% committed to doing the deep work. If this is you, awesome- I am so excited to get to know you.

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"Working with Maggie was truly life changing - I wish I had found her sooner! I've worked with traditional therapists, shamans, and other healers over the years, and Maggie is truly in a class of her very own. From the moment I met her, I knew she would be an important part of my process. 

She has helped me with finding my purpose, learning where I self-sabotage in life, love, and work. She has helped me to reimagine my ideal relationship with myself and with a partner, and I can't believe how FAST and EFFECTIVE she is. She's given me tools no one else has given me in the last decade, and I am so grateful to have taken the leap of faith to sign up to work with her. She has thus far been the most expensive coach I've worked with but by FAR the most valuable, and I am excited to continue to work with her and happily refer others in need to her.

She goes above and beyond, and I truly felt her love and her guidance. I really felt that she was invested in my process more than I ever could have imagined. Furthermore, I've even used the tools she taught me with friends, and I'm excited to take them into my own coaching practice" - Amy, NYC