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Ohana means family in the Hawaiian culture. As Lilo and Stitch describe it, “family means no man gets left behind.” This particular Ohaha is a sanctuary and launch pad for those on their transformational journey. It is a virtual home to guide and gather those committed to the process.

The membership is $22.22 monthly and you can cancel anytime.

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In this community you will receive: 

  • Sequential monthly live webinars within the topic of transformation + live Q and A for you to dive into your specific journey. 

  • Connection to your global online family in a private Facebook group where you can share, ask and answer questions, and hold and be held through the process 

  • Networking opportunities: Specified times of the month members will be able to share what support they are seeking in their professional lives with the goal of creating energetic exchanges of support outside of the monetary system. 

  • Local Meet Up opportunities (starting in the LA area, soon to expand once we have delegated ambassadors)

  • Private individual and group coaching opportunities  

  • Weekly messages at the beginning of the week from me to keep you on track, inspired, and held throughout the journey. 

Cost: $22.22 per month (can cancel anytime)