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Ohana means family in the Hawaiian culture. This particular Ohaha is a Sisterhood for courageous women on their transformational journeys to join together, rise out of the dark, and reconnect to their wholeness. To understand & navigate these potent energetic cycles through tools to master inner alchemy. To unravel karmic imprints and blocks in the way of re-membering our wholeness. To unlock our Dharma and return to our natural state of being our highest selves.

You see, for thousands of years we were connected to ourselves, our hearts, our wholeness, our intuition, each other, and The Goddess.. During this time lifestyles supported the feminine in all of us. People lived in communal living spaces, deeply connected to themselves, to nature, and to one another, enabling them to self heal and heal one another. They were self sustained, relying on their own sources for everything from nutrients to education. They held devoted sacred self practice, community ceremonies and ritual gatherings.

There are many theories as to what ended this natural world of connection and wholeness. One theory is that it was destroyed by the Patriarchy, specifically Capitalism. 

From the Capitalist mindset, those living self sustained were not supporting the outside economy, blocking the spreading of capitalism. So these communities were destroyed and the mystical was replaced with a power and money making machine.

Men and women alike were forced to abandon their connection and rely on the machine to stay alive. This cut off our connection to ourselves, to each other, to all that is, to the Goddess- forcing us to seek outside for our power source.

This explains how we were cut off from our own power source, creating the illusion that we are unworthy, unwhole, less than, undeserving, insert limiting belief here______.

Now that we know what happened, and know that we are actually whole we just need to move some of these BS imprints out of of the way, the easy part is over. Now we get to identify how the machine has impacted us, unravel the knots, and reprogram ourselves with who we truly are - WHOLE and WORTHY AF. 

In case you’re thinking "how the eff do I do that?” In this group there is a specific process you will receive and journey through in order to complete the process. You will receive your very own inner alchemy toolkit, your roadmap to wholeness. 

In this community you will receive: 

  • Sequential monthly live webinars within the topic of transformation + live Q and A for you to dive into your specific journey. 

  • Connection to your global online family in a private Facebook group where you can share, ask and answer questions, and hold and be held through the process 

  • Networking opportunities: Specified times of the month members will be able to share what support they are seeking in their professional lives with the goal of creating energetic exchanges of support outside of the monetary system. 

  • Local Meet Up opportunities (starting in the LA area, soon to expand once we have delegated ambassadors)

  • Private individual and group coaching opportunities  

  • Weekly messages at the beginning of the week from me to keep you on track, inspired, and held throughout the journey.