Unravel Stale Love Blocks & Manifest Sacred Union

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Unravel Stale Love Blocks & Manifest Sacred Union


You do not need to seek love outside of you, you are love. Everything on the outside is a manifestation of what is on the inside. So if you don’t have the love and partnership you desire, good news my love- it is in your control!

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What I am saying is, the only thing blocking you from attracting the love and union you desire is:

  1. Not BEING the love you desire.

  2. Seeking it outside versus giving it to yourself on the INSIDE.

This course is a 4 step process to unravel this pattern and return to your birthright, being full from your own love so that what you want can be attracted on the outside. 

In this course you will leave with the tools for wholeness: awareness over the pattern blocking love from coming in, identifying why and how you seek love outside, and the knowledge of exactly how to give yourself the love you are seeking outside. 

Do you want to attract a whole man, well then sister you’ve gotta become a whole woman. This is a foolproof recipe for attracting Divine Union, two whole beings coming together in partnership versus completion.



"Before participating in the Dancing Herself Home course, I was feeling absolutely incapable of having boundaries and valuing and taking care of my own needs. I was focused on how this affected my life and career, but Maggie challenged me to dive deeper and see where this was also affecting my love life. For many years, I've worked with therapists, shamans, and other healers to heal myself and "do the work" to become the best version of myself possible. However, nothing even comes close to what I experienced with Maggie. She is truly in a class of her very own. She is the most gifted and loving coach/healer/lightworker, and I couldn't be more thankful for taking the leap to commit to her program. It is the best decision I have made in many years. It was unreal how FAST and EFFECTIVE her process is, and I cannot believe I've never come across anything like it with all the other professionals that I've worked with. Furthermore, I've used what Maggie taught me to help my friends through difficult situations and cannot wait to take what I've learned into my own coaching business. The benefits have been so so numerous. For anyone considering doing this process with Maggie, DO IT! Seriously, I was hesitant because of the price, but I cannot recommend her enough. She will be my go to coach in the future, and I am ever grateful for what I have experienced with Maggie. She went far above and far beyond, giving me all the tools I needed and more personalized guidance than I expected. THANK YOU, MAGGIE! I cannot thank you and love you enough. You are such a gift.”

"Maggie Kay is the most talented personal development coach I know & she' offering her program at an insane discount. I took it last year for a lot more than this year's price, and it was worth every cent, I'll probably do it again this year. You should gift it to yourself too.”