Welcome to Ohana

The Awakening Woman’s Personal Sanctuary and Activation Hub


Through live transmissions during every Full and New moon you will:

  • Gain deeper awareness of the current cycles (current collective karmic cycles + mensural + lunar)

  • Decode the lessons within to move through them with purpose and grace

  • Shed the illusions in the way of your wholeness so that you can bathe in your radiant power source.

  • Receive your virtual community so you never have to question if you are all alone in this - you’re not

Having a community was the tipping point when it all starting making sense and I began to experience massive shifts.. Being able to receiving regular guidance from those farther ahead, unconditional support when I am in fetal position contemplating my existence, accountability holding me toward who I am committed to becoming, and the consistent validation that I am not going crazy- I’m just waking up.  

So it is with my whole heart and soul that I bring this community to you.

Join Your Ohana Now: