My Gifts to You:

coach with me

Activate your individual pathway to wholeness so you can live at your highest potential. For women calling in loving guidance to discover their own medicine to heal, women ready to activate the unique magic gem inside to share with the world, or seasoned professionals ready to get their self awareness and/or business to the next level.

online course

Dancing Herself Home: A self study course to go at your own pace and flow

Gain awareness of the specific way you have been seeking love from others on the outside so you can give it to yourself on the inside. This is the process of becoming whole, becoming your own partner so that you can attract love on the outside. 

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Gifts to support your journey inward, in becoming the most powerful and whole version of yourself:

Self Love: The Sober Psychedelic to Return to Wholeness

Masters in Manifestation: 7 Steps to Becoming a Manifesting Magician