Harvest your Happiness
9:00 AM09:00

Harvest your Happiness

You will take home an Embodiment Practice UNQIUE TO YOU

Designed for you to.. 

Generate and feel actual love for yourself, from yourself

Develop space between yourself and your triggers

Ride the natural waves of life feeling grounded 

Actively co-create your ideal life


Event Flow:

1. Personalized Self Exploration: Reconnect to love itself, in you and around you, check in with where you are in this moment to discover how and where you can let more of it into your life, and align to what you want to feel and experience.

2. Embodiment: Link breath and movement with our new internal focus and belief system.

3. Activation: Integrate new awareness and beliefs into your daily life through creating a personalized art piece, receiving 1 on 1 guidance, and enjoying healthy appetizers while creating your Personalized Activation Art Piece

You will leave with your new elevated awareness, a powerful self practice, and a personalized art piece.

Together, we can transform stress into peace, create harmony in relationships, increase confidence, and overall flow and aliveness in our daily lives.

Workshop Elements:

PSYCH-K®: We will go through a set of processes that to transform limiting beliefs into supportive beliefs in the subconscious mind.

Breath: We will align our transformed psyche with our breath, connecting ourselves back to the source of life itself (freedom, coherence, harmony), versus allowing the mind (limiting beliefs, fears, illusions) to lead the way.

Yoga: We then link the our breath, the intentional inhale and exhale, with body through a simple, yoga asana sequence in order to embody our intention in the physical.

About your Facilitators:

IMG_6928 2.JPG

Visiting Hawaii from her home in Los Angeles, Maggie has roots spanning across multiple transformational modalities, from yoga & shamanism to quantum physics. She has fused these core teachings into self practices for people to have reliable tools to evolve their lives by evolving the relationship with themselves.

Maggie shares this process through 1:1 and group coaching, public speaking, writing, teaching yoga, and facilitating events and retreats and ceremonies around the world.


A native to Hawaii, Molly’s passion engaging in authentic and meaningful connections while marrying together courage and compassion. Using various techniques, Molly  reconnects with her truth coupled with source energy, where trauma gets bored and leaves, holding a space for emotional, mental and physical healing. PSYCH-K® assists Molly in creating more flow, balance and ease in her life. 

Maggie and Molly have been in each others lives since they were babies, having Mothers that have been life long best friends. They have always been close and similar, yet what brought them together as sisters was their mutual bond though holistically healing their own illnesses. Fort the past nearly 10 years they have worked together to heal their minds, bodies and spirits naturally and share their findings with the world.

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Dress for who You are Becoming
1:00 PM13:00

Dress for who You are Becoming

What if you could wake up in the morning and put on a coat that would remind you of who you truly are, specifically designed by YOU to embody your highest self? Think of it like your Altar Coat, a jacket created with full intention and love to alter your beliefs about yourself and who you are in the world.

This is what we do at the Dress For Who You Are Becoming Workshop. During our time together you will:
- Get in touch with your Higher Self by learning how this true you feels, expresses, and shows up in the world via style
- Identify what is in your way of being this version now and the tools to shift out of it
- Use this clarity to design a custom coat as a reminder of who you truly desire to become and you'll watch your life change before your eyes.

You ready? Yup, we thought so.

You'll put the symbols on your jacket and you'll watch your life change before your eyes, from the inside out.

You ready? Yup, I thought so.

Cool! We are so excited to meet you, and here are the details…

When: Sunday, Feb 24th 1-4pm
Location: Venice Beach, CA (address provided upon registration)
Cost: $45

What to Bring: Jacket to alter (we love Denim, but you can choose!), journal, and an openness to grow

What’s Included: Stencils, paint, our love and guidance

For tickets and event info: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/create-your-custom-higher-self-coat-tickets-54951351973

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