I Keep Me Safe

Safety was one of the main things I used to search outside myself for, usually inside the promise of a man that he would stay by my side forever.

But this externalization of my own self made me feel weak, small, powerless and had me attracting men who continued to make me feel unsafe by not fully choosing me (a complete reflection of how I was not choosing myself).

Now I continue to return the layers of safety I once put outside myself, I continue to remember that I am my own safety, that as long as I am here by my side I am safe. I continue to strengthen my connection to source, because as long as I am connected to myself and to source, safety is inevitable.

This serves as a reminder to any and all women who put their desires for safety outside themselves. Safety is yours to own no one can give it to you.

In fact, in choosing to be your highest self you sure as hell don’t want them to. Instead you want to build everything you need and desire within, so that everything else becomes a giant bonus on top of your radiant wholeness.

The Physics of Love

If you search for me outside yourself, you will never find me.. because I have been in you all along. 

We were born whole beings and somewhere the history of this crazy time we began to believe the illusion that we can only receive love from the outside.

So first and foremost, love requires removing this veil of separation between you and it… unraveling the belief that it is something outside of us.

The only reason one does not attract the love they desire is because they are not giving it to themselves. It’s just plain physics, not some fairy tale story of prince charming. So what I am saying is, if you want to attract love, BECOME it. We are magnetic beings, only able to attract what we are, impossible to attract anything we are not.

If your main nutrients come from from the outside (ie. love, validation, approval..), you will be hungry forever. If you feed yourself with your own nutrients, you’ll never be hungry a day in your life.

So what I am saying is this: Reroute the pathway from out to in. Feed yourself with your own love.

Then from this place, you will be able to say: "To all the men who left me for my friends, cheated on me, toyed with my heart and drove me mad- thank you for showing up just as you did so that I could unravel my karmic knots through you and become the woman I have always known I am here to be... a woman whole in herself.

Steps to Soul Retrieval

Wanna learn the process that has been saving my life? Keep scrolling.. I am about to share it with you for free because I believe inner peace is the key to world peace & the more of us that transform the closer we will be.

As you probably can tell from the photo, yes- I just returned from Burning Man. After 11 days inside the desert portal I met someone really special. Someone I have been waiting to meet for my whole life: my higher self. Not just a glimpse, not just a taste- but the real deal, in this body.

How did I get here? Firstly, I have to say I am not done nor am I perfect. Now back home the real work begins, to anchor in all that I became while dancing myself home in the dust and repair lifetimes of scar tissue caused by abandoning myself again and again due to the societally engrained belief that I am incomplete.

Years/ lifetimes I spent seeking externally- wrapped in the safety of a lover, inside the status of a name brand corporation, adventuring/ escaping across the globe, all the while numbing the void with food and substances.. Now after spending the last 10 years learning to love myself and consciously reversing the pathway from seeking outside to resting within, I finally am beginning to feel whole.

Below I share with you the steps of how I do it, a summary of years of studies condensed into 5 steps.. I was always searching for the specfic pathway of how to be happy, the intersection between science and spirit, and I could never find it. So I discovered it inside the truth point of where the worlds ancient and modern transformational modalities align on the topic of transformation.

So here it is, the steps that have been saving my life. I share them with you in hopes that they will provide you with a piece of your personal soul retrieval puzzle:

1) Be aware of the lower aspects of yourself surfacing- ex. triggers, negative beliefs, dense emotions.
2) Take full responsibility for it as an old version of yourself ready to be transcended, accept that it is showing you the exact spot in which you are still fragmented and where and how you get to fill yourself with your own love. 
3) Go to the root- Pinpoint the core of this surfaced symptom, the origin point. Ex. A reaction of jealousy being caused by a root fear of abandonment, caused by abandoning the Self and then projecting the fear onto another. 
4) Neutralize it by bringing in your own love in the exact way you are being shown you need it. Ex. No longer abandoning yourself, instead reclaiming yourself with my own love and presence. 
5) Pour in this specific recipe of love directly to the origin point until the symptom is gone. Then shift into the version of yourself that is free from this lower aspect and is now whole in this area.

Feel free to comment with your questions, I love answering them. So much so that I am starting a virtual family to hold each other through the transformational process because having a community was my tipping point.. receiving regular guidance from those farther ahead, unconditional love when I am at rock bottom contemplating my existence (still happens), accountability holding me to who I am becoming, and the reminder that I am not going crazy- I’m just waking up. I know not every city out there has these communities established, and like I said, it has been/ still is paramount to my evolution, so I will be proving one virtually :) For more on this program, click here.

OHANA (4).jpg

Oh yeah and... You've. So. Got. This.

Wholly Woman

A woman whole in herself moves, speaks, and emotes from deep within her center where she is guided by the Goddess and her intuition. She dances from her heart, you can feel it in way she sways her hips not only for herself, but for the remembering of all who watch her.

She has battled her own inner dragons, has taken full responsibility for the darkness within her, and has unraveled the patterns within her kicking and screaming to keep her darkness alive.

She knows these civil wars were fought and won inside her so that she can serve as a guide for others to journey through their own unraveling and return home. She is devoted to anchoring this process for all women on this planet.

She has understood how to harness her wisdom and fire into being a creator and bridge for the new world. While she has enough awareness and power to destroy the old one, she is wise enough to know she is meant to create versus destroy. So instead she no longer subscribes to the patriarchal narratives controlling the stale system crumbling around her, while she thoroughly comprehends the web that has ruled the world through the suppression of feminine empowerment, love, connection, oneness, and pleasure.

Her body, energy, relationships, connection to the Divine and nature are her temple and she only invites other temples to come close.

To all the women on the journey to wholeness, I bow to your perserverance. Thank you for rebuilding your temple. I am so infinitely grateful for your presence and commitment to yourself.