Self Ceremony

S E L F. C E R E M O N Y. Without it I would be looping in the same moldy patterns for years, without it I would be a ferocious biatch, without it I would be 20+ pounds heavier with acne covering my cheeks (I can prove it- I was there).

No, I am not taking about drinking a cup of Aya alone in your bedroom. I am talking about regularly taking the time to sit with yourself to actually make the shifts happen within you that are ready to happen.

So many of us call ourselves “conscious,” and yet we rely entirely on outside resources and people to guide us home. We rely on our connections with others, workshops, group medicine ceremonies, coaches, books, teachers, to catalyze our transformation and then as soon as we are alone the first thing we do is flop on the bed with Netflix and a bag of whatever’s crunchy to numb on.

In no way am I bashing these supportive tools, they are a necessary part of the process.. however they are just one side of the equation while the second part is rarely mentioned.. the part about integrating the knowledge by bringing it inward, contemplating it in order to ACTUALLY SHIFT IT.. without this element one is just a walking library of unprocessed knowledge forever looping in their gunk.

As a coach, my main goal in working with my clients is to provide them with this landscape, for them to be able to know exactly how to drop into themselves at any moment and shift.. to identify what’s blocking them, exactly how to shift it, and then ending on the other side. I am not their Guru, they are their Guru- I just remind them how to be.

This process is one of the main components I will be guiding you through in the virtual community I will be launching soon specifically focused on guiding through the transformational process. It is an online family to receive clear cut guidance on the exact steps of the transformational process, be held in a community to hurdle over your blocks, and connect with others on the process. I don’t promise much, but on thing I will promise here and now is loving and rapid transformation. That’s my thang.