5 Steps To Integrate This Fall Equinox Into Your Personal Practice

Let's Bring this Equinox Momentum to Purpose..

Yup, today is the Fall Equinox.. the time of year when the dark and the light are back in balance- the halfway point between summer and winter. 

This is a time to reflect on the passing year, appreciate and carry on what has worked, and acknowledge and let go of what has not. 

My intention for this post is to not only remind you of these potent cosmic & collective times of transformation, but most importantly to give you practical ways to integrate them for your own life. 

So here are 5 Steps to Integrate this into a Self Practice:

  1. Create time to be with yourself, even if just an hour, to align yourself with this momentum and take a humble look at your life as a whole

  2. Give thanks to the previous abundance that has come your way. Take inventory of the things you are grateful for.

  3. Look into the main areas of your life from relationship to career and see the patterns that are ready to be left behind in this new cycle, what personal patterns/ belief systems/ habits can you let go of?

  4. What will you replace these old patterns with? What is the higher expression of yourself here?

  5. What practice will you implement for yourself to integrate the shift every day?

Comment below and share how this practice was for you!