Drastically Change your Life through these Journal Prompts - I swear it works.

In 2012 when I was working abroad in sales my anxiety was through the freakin roof. I lived my daily life like a marathon sprinter, literally running from the computer to the printer to pick up papers.. hardly breathing all day as I jumped back and forth sales meeting to the computer screen.

I remember forgetting to breathe, holding my breath as I would move from "urgent" task to task. Car rides were spent with lap tops and internet sticks, no break even in traffic. Night time was spent getting my heart to stop speed racing so that I could fall asleep and then do it all over again the next day.

At the time I didn't have anything to compare it to, I thought this lifestyle was normal. I sure as hell didn't use the term anxiety, in fact I actually thought that I loved the feeling of the hustle, the go getter business life. 

It wasn't until I moved home from working abroad that I crashed, body shut down and I was forced to figure out how to stop this stress addiction. 

All of my former coping mechanisms were out the window with my body out of commission. No escaping reality by jumping to the next foreign country, no sex, drugs or booze to numb myself.


I knew I needed something to help me get through this, so I turned to the only thing I could think of: journaling... and in many ways it saved my life, because I could actually hear myself for the very first time.  

So I wrote, releasing decades of built up gunk... anger from college boyfriends cheating on me, remnants of fear after a fire burnt my house down when I was a small child, and so many more life events that I never even knew impacted me.  

Fast forward nearly 8 years since the crash, and now I know for sure that self awareness and connection to ourselves is the only way to heal and release stress and anxiety. Everything else is just a temporary band, or adding kale on top of a big mac as I like to say, ignoring the root cause. 

Journaling is still a major part of my life today when my emotions are running buck wild and I can't see straight.

The idea is to let your subconscious guide, I suggest writing for 10+ minutes without stopping.

Here are some of my favorite journal prompts: 

For releasing stress, anxiety, fear, heavy emotions:
"What am I feeling"
"What is this feeling trying to tell me? 
"Is there a fear driving this feeling? If so, what is is? 
"What do I need to let go of, in order to step into the greatest version of myself" 

For inspiration:
“What do I want to feel"
"What do I want to experience"
"How do I wish to express myself"
"What can I create today that’s in my highest excitement?"

For productivity and career clarity:
"What is my ultimate career goal"
Working backwards from there.. "What are the 3 most important tasks I can complete today that will propel me forward toward that goal today?"
"Whats working in my business and how can I optimize it?
"What’s not working and how can I change it?"

For the world/ community:
"Who needs love and support today that I can reach out to?"
"What does the world need and how can I offer it in my current business"

Use a paper journal, your computer or even your voice notes- it doesn't matter how ya do it it just matters that you dump that brain as one of my favorite books calls it, The Artist Way. I like to do it in an organizational system I loooveee for business/life/everything called Evernote

The key is to ask yourself the questions in order to get where you want to go in life and you’ll be on your way to receiving an entirely new and more empowered life. 



PS If you would like deeper guidance on developing a deeper connection to yourself you know where to find me. I am not going anywhere and I love supporting you guys.