I Keep Me Safe

Safety was one of the main things I used to search outside myself for, usually inside the promise of a man that he would stay by my side forever.

But this externalization of my own self made me feel weak, small, powerless and had me attracting men who continued to make me feel unsafe by not fully choosing me (a complete reflection of how I was not choosing myself).

Now I continue to return the layers of safety I once put outside myself, I continue to remember that I am my own safety, that as long as I am here by my side I am safe. I continue to strengthen my connection to source, because as long as I am connected to myself and to source, safety is inevitable.

This serves as a reminder to any and all women who put their desires for safety outside themselves. Safety is yours to own no one can give it to you.

In fact, in choosing to be your highest self you sure as hell don’t want them to. Instead you want to build everything you need and desire within, so that everything else becomes a giant bonus on top of your radiant wholeness.