When I Fully Accepted my Aloneness This Happened

Many of you have asked me how I attracted my partner, how I was able to attract a solid dude who wanted to commit and do this life thing with me for real.

Well here is what I did…

I stopped sleeping with + dating men who I knew were wrong for me and started sleeping with + dating myself instead.

I stopped investing in finding the next guy who would perpetuate my toxic pattern and instead invested in coaches, mentors, and online programs to unravel the pattern once and for all.

I stopped believing in the societal fairy tale that some prince charming would save me from my own hell hole (que every Disney movie) and instead accepted that I may be alone forever.

In summary, I stopped searching outside myself for love and security and gave it to myself instead.


And then one night, when I fully accepted my aloneness, when I filled myself with that which I was waiting for a man to fill - he appeared at a friends birthday camping trip in Malibu and yes, it was love right away.

It was a different kind of love than I had ever felt. Instead of butterflies and fireworks there was stillness because he was not my “other half.-“ we were two whole people coming together. 

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