Advice I wish my Mother had told me (no offense Mom)

1. You have magic in you & no one in the entire universe has powers like you do. Learn it, radiate it & own it. Yes magical powers are real. Yes, it is available for everyone yet everyone is not available for it.

2. You are whole, connected & radiant. If you forget, go to #3 in order to remember again.


3. Anything & everything that doesn’t feel good (negative beliefs, heavy emotions, mental looping, body symptoms etc..) is a clue showing you exactly where and how to love yourself deeper. Listen to the message and meet yourself in your deepest need.

4. Balance the gift of community while also embracing your solitude. Create community of those also on the path of self awareness. Guide others on the path and receive guidance from those ahead. Remember aloneness is not loneliness- it is oneness (al-oneness), fill your alone time with creating & self ceremony).

5. Have fun, believe in yourself & your dreams, take risks & live on the edge, love deeply, laugh at yourself & remember to play. Don’t take it or yourself too seriously or else you’re going to miss the whole gorgeous dance.

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