Wholly Woman

A woman whole in herself moves, speaks, and emotes from deep within her center where she is guided by the Goddess and her intuition. She dances from her heart, you can feel it in way she sways her hips not only for herself, but for the remembering of all who watch her.

She has battled her own inner dragons, has taken full responsibility for the darkness within her, and has unraveled the patterns within her kicking and screaming to keep her darkness alive.

She knows these civil wars were fought and won inside her so that she can serve as a guide for others to journey through their own unraveling and return home. She is devoted to anchoring this process for all women on this planet.

She has understood how to harness her wisdom and fire into being a creator and bridge for the new world. While she has enough awareness and power to destroy the old one, she is wise enough to know she is meant to create versus destroy. So instead she no longer subscribes to the patriarchal narratives controlling the stale system crumbling around her, while she thoroughly comprehends the web that has ruled the world through the suppression of feminine empowerment, love, connection, oneness, and pleasure.

Her body, energy, relationships, connection to the Divine and nature are her temple and she only invites other temples to come close.

To all the women on the journey to wholeness, I bow to your perserverance. Thank you for rebuilding your temple. I am so infinitely grateful for your presence and commitment to yourself.