Matrix Midwife

For years I hid my wild self from you & from the world
Paralyzed from fear of being truly seen, unmasked & naked
Powerless from fear of rejection, of failure, of success.

Until one day this mask began to deteriorate my body
So I dedicated myself to shedding it all, layers after suffocating layer
Now I am liberated from my amor of I am not enough
Now I am free from my cage of I am not worthy.

Now I stand here in my power, here to awaken you to yours
Here to say that you have a blinding light inside you
That the world is hungry for, ravenous really.

Here is the thing, we have all been given a single piece of the puzzle
For our world to shift from dark to light, asleep to awake
Your piece, your light, is needed to make the transition

Are you ready to discover your piece, the diamond inside,
Ready to be magnified & exploded into the world
So that you can find your message, your voice, your tribe?

You are in the right place my love
This is my puzzle piece, I am a matrix midwife
Here to awaken and activate those starving at the core
To discover and embody their unique mission on the planet
You are not alone, there is a whole family waiting for you
Thank you for your courage, I love you so fucking much