The Shortcut to the Work: Knowing your Mean Girl Voice

We are all whole and connected AF, we've just picked up some silly illusions along our journey of life that are in the way of us re-membering. So let's talk about the shortcuts to this process. 

We each have a mean girl/ boy living in us that shows us exactly where we have picked up these illusions.  While they all have the same end goal of keeping us stuck and small by believing that we are unworthy, undeserving, unwanted, less than, broken, crazy ______ insert limiting belief here, each of our mean girl voices (MGV) has a different form based on the specific karmas we are here to work through.

Knowing the process of unraveling karma in order to receive our highest self in this body is the shortcut to the ultimate goal of being happy and healthy. Knowing your specific (MGV) is the shortcut to the shortcut. 

For years mine sounded like "you will be abandoned" or "you are not included."  Some other common MGV's sound like "your voice isn't valuable," "you don't belong," "you are not successful," "you are not doing enough" etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah. 

The MGV is specifically showing you the karmic knot that you have come here to unravel and transcend in this lifetime. So by knowing your specific MGV you can spot it as soon as it appears, catching it before it enters your subconscious mind and you start believing that it's true- here go the shortcut to the shortcut. 

You see, just like all triggers and "negative" emotions, your MGV is an opportunity for magic to be created. MGV's have the power to be the food for our wings to expand and our heart to open. It is revealing the part of yourself that has been fragmented, pushed away, suppressed, avoided, and ignored. So all you have to do is identify it and reintegrate it in order to transcend it.

Here is the process of MGV Reversal in further detail:

1. Remember that you are naturally whole and connected AF (YES, YOU) and any MGV is showing you the piece of yourself that has been disconnected from and is ready to be reintegrated.

2. Identify your specific MGV(s)

3. Expand into the big picture: What is the larger karmic lesson it is revealing?

4. What piece of yourself is it showing you that you have disowned?  

5. Reintegrate this specific piece of yourself back into wholeness 

Repeat this process, again and again any time the MGV surfaces. Until one day voila, you realize her visits have stopped showing you that karmic lesson has been fully received. This is the pathway to wholeness and you my dear, have your very own roadmap. 

For deeper support on the process, I offer 1:1 coaching packages for women leaders who are 100% committed to being in their highest selves and shedding all the BS in the way. If this is you, well firstly helloooo sister angel <3 make an appointment in my calendar for us to chat and see if it is a fit. I am so excited to connect with you!

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