Taming our Fire

Taming my inner fire and communicating from neutrality when I’m triggered has been such a long lesson for me. Anyone else?

This weekend I let out my inner dragon due to expressing my unprocessed emotions and duudeee it was not pretty. I hurt myself and others and I am much too evolved to be playing these type of childish games any longer so I’ve been siting with myself to find the right pathways out of this and I officially declare that I’m done with it and on the other side.

When we communicate from the emotional charge, the other person commonly meets us where we are. They meet our fire with fire = recipe for disaster zone. To get to the other side of this:

1. Listen to your feelings.

2. Release the emotional charge.

3. Then and only then relay the neutral message of what you are feeling, what you need.

& so it freakin is