5 Steps To Integrate This Fall Equinox Into Your Personal Practice

Let's Bring this Equinox Momentum to Purpose..

Yup, today is the Fall Equinox.. the time of year when the dark and the light are back in balance- the halfway point between summer and winter. 

This is a time to reflect on the passing year, appreciate and carry on what has worked, and acknowledge and let go of what has not. 

My intention for this post is to not only remind you of these potent cosmic & collective times of transformation, but most importantly to give you practical ways to integrate them for your own life. 

So here are 5 Steps to Integrate this into a Self Practice:

  1. Create time to be with yourself, even if just an hour, to align yourself with this momentum and take a humble look at your life as a whole

  2. Give thanks to the previous abundance that has come your way. Take inventory of the things you are grateful for.

  3. Look into the main areas of your life from relationship to career and see the patterns that are ready to be left behind in this new cycle, what personal patterns/ belief systems/ habits can you let go of?

  4. What will you replace these old patterns with? What is the higher expression of yourself here?

  5. What practice will you implement for yourself to integrate the shift every day?

Comment below and share how this practice was for you!

Drastically Change your Life through these Journal Prompts - I swear it works.

In 2012 when I was working abroad in sales my anxiety was through the freakin roof. I lived my daily life like a marathon sprinter, literally running from the computer to the printer to pick up papers.. hardly breathing all day as I jumped back and forth sales meeting to the computer screen.

I remember forgetting to breathe, holding my breath as I would move from "urgent" task to task. Car rides were spent with lap tops and internet sticks, no break even in traffic. Night time was spent getting my heart to stop speed racing so that I could fall asleep and then do it all over again the next day.

At the time I didn't have anything to compare it to, I thought this lifestyle was normal. I sure as hell didn't use the term anxiety, in fact I actually thought that I loved the feeling of the hustle, the go getter business life. 

It wasn't until I moved home from working abroad that I crashed, body shut down and I was forced to figure out how to stop this stress addiction. 

All of my former coping mechanisms were out the window with my body out of commission. No escaping reality by jumping to the next foreign country, no sex, drugs or booze to numb myself.


I knew I needed something to help me get through this, so I turned to the only thing I could think of: journaling... and in many ways it saved my life, because I could actually hear myself for the very first time.  

So I wrote, releasing decades of built up gunk... anger from college boyfriends cheating on me, remnants of fear after a fire burnt my house down when I was a small child, and so many more life events that I never even knew impacted me.  

Fast forward nearly 8 years since the crash, and now I know for sure that self awareness and connection to ourselves is the only way to heal and release stress and anxiety. Everything else is just a temporary band, or adding kale on top of a big mac as I like to say, ignoring the root cause. 

Journaling is still a major part of my life today when my emotions are running buck wild and I can't see straight.

The idea is to let your subconscious guide, I suggest writing for 10+ minutes without stopping.

Here are some of my favorite journal prompts: 

For releasing stress, anxiety, fear, heavy emotions:
"What am I feeling"
"What is this feeling trying to tell me? 
"Is there a fear driving this feeling? If so, what is is? 
"What do I need to let go of, in order to step into the greatest version of myself" 

For inspiration:
“What do I want to feel"
"What do I want to experience"
"How do I wish to express myself"
"What can I create today that’s in my highest excitement?"

For productivity and career clarity:
"What is my ultimate career goal"
Working backwards from there.. "What are the 3 most important tasks I can complete today that will propel me forward toward that goal today?"
"Whats working in my business and how can I optimize it?
"What’s not working and how can I change it?"

For the world/ community:
"Who needs love and support today that I can reach out to?"
"What does the world need and how can I offer it in my current business"

Use a paper journal, your computer or even your voice notes- it doesn't matter how ya do it it just matters that you dump that brain as one of my favorite books calls it, The Artist Way. I like to do it in an organizational system I loooveee for business/life/everything called Evernote

The key is to ask yourself the questions in order to get where you want to go in life and you’ll be on your way to receiving an entirely new and more empowered life. 



PS If you would like deeper guidance on developing a deeper connection to yourself you know where to find me. I am not going anywhere and I love supporting you guys.

Advice I wish my Mother had told me (no offense Mom)

1. You have magic in you & no one in the entire universe has powers like you do. Learn it, radiate it & own it. Yes magical powers are real. Yes, it is available for everyone yet everyone is not available for it.

2. You are whole, connected & radiant. If you forget, go to #3 in order to remember again.


3. Anything & everything that doesn’t feel good (negative beliefs, heavy emotions, mental looping, body symptoms etc..) is a clue showing you exactly where and how to love yourself deeper. Listen to the message and meet yourself in your deepest need.

4. Balance the gift of community while also embracing your solitude. Create community of those also on the path of self awareness. Guide others on the path and receive guidance from those ahead. Remember aloneness is not loneliness- it is oneness (al-oneness), fill your alone time with creating & self ceremony).

5. Have fun, believe in yourself & your dreams, take risks & live on the edge, love deeply, laugh at yourself & remember to play. Don’t take it or yourself too seriously or else you’re going to miss the whole gorgeous dance.

If you like this advice, are digging my vibe, and are curious about everything else I am about, click here to learn more.

When I Fully Accepted my Aloneness This Happened

Many of you have asked me how I attracted my partner, how I was able to attract a solid dude who wanted to commit and do this life thing with me for real.

Well here is what I did…

I stopped sleeping with + dating men who I knew were wrong for me and started sleeping with + dating myself instead.

I stopped investing in finding the next guy who would perpetuate my toxic pattern and instead invested in coaches, mentors, and online programs to unravel the pattern once and for all.

I stopped believing in the societal fairy tale that some prince charming would save me from my own hell hole (que every Disney movie) and instead accepted that I may be alone forever.

In summary, I stopped searching outside myself for love and security and gave it to myself instead.


And then one night, when I fully accepted my aloneness, when I filled myself with that which I was waiting for a man to fill - he appeared at a friends birthday camping trip in Malibu and yes, it was love right away.

It was a different kind of love than I had ever felt. Instead of butterflies and fireworks there was stillness because he was not my “other half.-“ we were two whole people coming together. 

If you are looking for support on this journey, you my friend are in the right place.

Click the button below to learn how I can support you.

I Keep Me Safe

Safety was one of the main things I used to search outside myself for, usually inside the promise of a man that he would stay by my side forever.

But this externalization of my own self made me feel weak, small, powerless and had me attracting men who continued to make me feel unsafe by not fully choosing me (a complete reflection of how I was not choosing myself).

Now I continue to return the layers of safety I once put outside myself, I continue to remember that I am my own safety, that as long as I am here by my side I am safe. I continue to strengthen my connection to source, because as long as I am connected to myself and to source, safety is inevitable.

This serves as a reminder to any and all women who put their desires for safety outside themselves. Safety is yours to own no one can give it to you.

In fact, in choosing to be your highest self you sure as hell don’t want them to. Instead you want to build everything you need and desire within, so that everything else becomes a giant bonus on top of your radiant wholeness.

The Shortcut to the Work: Knowing your Mean Girl Voice

We are all whole and connected AF, we've just picked up some silly illusions along our journey of life that are in the way of us re-membering. So let's talk about the shortcuts to this process. 

We each have a mean girl/ boy living in us that shows us exactly where we have picked up these illusions.  While they all have the same end goal of keeping us stuck and small by believing that we are unworthy, undeserving, unwanted, less than, broken, crazy ______ insert limiting belief here, each of our mean girl voices (MGV) has a different form based on the specific karmas we are here to work through.

Knowing the process of unraveling karma in order to receive our highest self in this body is the shortcut to the ultimate goal of being happy and healthy. Knowing your specific (MGV) is the shortcut to the shortcut. 

For years mine sounded like "you will be abandoned" or "you are not included."  Some other common MGV's sound like "your voice isn't valuable," "you don't belong," "you are not successful," "you are not doing enough" etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah. 

The MGV is specifically showing you the karmic knot that you have come here to unravel and transcend in this lifetime. So by knowing your specific MGV you can spot it as soon as it appears, catching it before it enters your subconscious mind and you start believing that it's true- here go the shortcut to the shortcut. 

You see, just like all triggers and "negative" emotions, your MGV is an opportunity for magic to be created. MGV's have the power to be the food for our wings to expand and our heart to open. It is revealing the part of yourself that has been fragmented, pushed away, suppressed, avoided, and ignored. So all you have to do is identify it and reintegrate it in order to transcend it.

Here is the process of MGV Reversal in further detail:

1. Remember that you are naturally whole and connected AF (YES, YOU) and any MGV is showing you the piece of yourself that has been disconnected from and is ready to be reintegrated.

2. Identify your specific MGV(s)

3. Expand into the big picture: What is the larger karmic lesson it is revealing?

4. What piece of yourself is it showing you that you have disowned?  

5. Reintegrate this specific piece of yourself back into wholeness 

Repeat this process, again and again any time the MGV surfaces. Until one day voila, you realize her visits have stopped showing you that karmic lesson has been fully received. This is the pathway to wholeness and you my dear, have your very own roadmap. 

For deeper support on the process, I offer 1:1 coaching packages for women leaders who are 100% committed to being in their highest selves and shedding all the BS in the way. If this is you, well firstly helloooo sister angel <3 make an appointment in my calendar for us to chat and see if it is a fit. I am so excited to connect with you!

PS If you are looking for a community of likeminded women to journey through this process. with, well look at you powerful manifestor you are in the right place. Check out this virtual family where women from all around the world connect during the full and new moons to understand the potent cosmic cycles and the tools for emotional alchemy so that they can ride through life in their power center versus allow the cycles to ride them.

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The Physics of Love

If you search for me outside yourself, you will never find me.. because I have been in you all along. 

We were born whole beings and somewhere the history of this crazy time we began to believe the illusion that we can only receive love from the outside.

So first and foremost, love requires removing this veil of separation between you and it… unraveling the belief that it is something outside of us.

The only reason one does not attract the love they desire is because they are not giving it to themselves. It’s just plain physics, not some fairy tale story of prince charming. So what I am saying is, if you want to attract love, BECOME it. We are magnetic beings, only able to attract what we are, impossible to attract anything we are not.

If your main nutrients come from from the outside (ie. love, validation, approval..), you will be hungry forever. If you feed yourself with your own nutrients, you’ll never be hungry a day in your life.

So what I am saying is this: Reroute the pathway from out to in. Feed yourself with your own love.

Then from this place, you will be able to say: "To all the men who left me for my friends, cheated on me, toyed with my heart and drove me mad- thank you for showing up just as you did so that I could unravel my karmic knots through you and become the woman I have always known I am here to be... a woman whole in herself.

Taming our Fire

Taming my inner fire and communicating from neutrality when I’m triggered has been such a long lesson for me. Anyone else?

This weekend I let out my inner dragon due to expressing my unprocessed emotions and duudeee it was not pretty. I hurt myself and others and I am much too evolved to be playing these type of childish games any longer so I’ve been siting with myself to find the right pathways out of this and I officially declare that I’m done with it and on the other side.

When we communicate from the emotional charge, the other person commonly meets us where we are. They meet our fire with fire = recipe for disaster zone. To get to the other side of this:

1. Listen to your feelings.

2. Release the emotional charge.

3. Then and only then relay the neutral message of what you are feeling, what you need.

& so it freakin is

Steps to Soul Retrieval

Wanna learn the process that has been saving my life? Keep scrolling.. I am about to share it with you for free because I believe inner peace is the key to world peace & the more of us that transform the closer we will be.

As you probably can tell from the photo, yes- I just returned from Burning Man. After 11 days inside the desert portal I met someone really special. Someone I have been waiting to meet for my whole life: my higher self. Not just a glimpse, not just a taste- but the real deal, in this body.

How did I get here? Firstly, I have to say I am not done nor am I perfect. Now back home the real work begins, to anchor in all that I became while dancing myself home in the dust and repair lifetimes of scar tissue caused by abandoning myself again and again due to the societally engrained belief that I am incomplete.

Years/ lifetimes I spent seeking externally- wrapped in the safety of a lover, inside the status of a name brand corporation, adventuring/ escaping across the globe, all the while numbing the void with food and substances.. Now after spending the last 10 years learning to love myself and consciously reversing the pathway from seeking outside to resting within, I finally am beginning to feel whole.

Below I share with you the steps of how I do it, a summary of years of studies condensed into 5 steps.. I was always searching for the specfic pathway of how to be happy, the intersection between science and spirit, and I could never find it. So I discovered it inside the truth point of where the worlds ancient and modern transformational modalities align on the topic of transformation.

So here it is, the steps that have been saving my life. I share them with you in hopes that they will provide you with a piece of your personal soul retrieval puzzle:

1) Be aware of the lower aspects of yourself surfacing- ex. triggers, negative beliefs, dense emotions.
2) Take full responsibility for it as an old version of yourself ready to be transcended, accept that it is showing you the exact spot in which you are still fragmented and where and how you get to fill yourself with your own love. 
3) Go to the root- Pinpoint the core of this surfaced symptom, the origin point. Ex. A reaction of jealousy being caused by a root fear of abandonment, caused by abandoning the Self and then projecting the fear onto another. 
4) Neutralize it by bringing in your own love in the exact way you are being shown you need it. Ex. No longer abandoning yourself, instead reclaiming yourself with my own love and presence. 
5) Pour in this specific recipe of love directly to the origin point until the symptom is gone. Then shift into the version of yourself that is free from this lower aspect and is now whole in this area.

Feel free to comment with your questions, I love answering them. So much so that I am starting a virtual family to hold each other through the transformational process because having a community was my tipping point.. receiving regular guidance from those farther ahead, unconditional love when I am at rock bottom contemplating my existence (still happens), accountability holding me to who I am becoming, and the reminder that I am not going crazy- I’m just waking up. I know not every city out there has these communities established, and like I said, it has been/ still is paramount to my evolution, so I will be proving one virtually :) For more on this program, click here.

OHANA (4).jpg

Oh yeah and... You've. So. Got. This.

Self Ceremony

S E L F. C E R E M O N Y. Without it I would be looping in the same moldy patterns for years, without it I would be a ferocious biatch, without it I would be 20+ pounds heavier with acne covering my cheeks (I can prove it- I was there).

No, I am not taking about drinking a cup of Aya alone in your bedroom. I am talking about regularly taking the time to sit with yourself to actually make the shifts happen within you that are ready to happen.

So many of us call ourselves “conscious,” and yet we rely entirely on outside resources and people to guide us home. We rely on our connections with others, workshops, group medicine ceremonies, coaches, books, teachers, to catalyze our transformation and then as soon as we are alone the first thing we do is flop on the bed with Netflix and a bag of whatever’s crunchy to numb on.

In no way am I bashing these supportive tools, they are a necessary part of the process.. however they are just one side of the equation while the second part is rarely mentioned.. the part about integrating the knowledge by bringing it inward, contemplating it in order to ACTUALLY SHIFT IT.. without this element one is just a walking library of unprocessed knowledge forever looping in their gunk.

As a coach, my main goal in working with my clients is to provide them with this landscape, for them to be able to know exactly how to drop into themselves at any moment and shift.. to identify what’s blocking them, exactly how to shift it, and then ending on the other side. I am not their Guru, they are their Guru- I just remind them how to be.

This process is one of the main components I will be guiding you through in the virtual community I will be launching soon specifically focused on guiding through the transformational process. It is an online family to receive clear cut guidance on the exact steps of the transformational process, be held in a community to hurdle over your blocks, and connect with others on the process. I don’t promise much, but on thing I will promise here and now is loving and rapid transformation. That’s my thang.

On Finding "The One..." 

First let's cover why you have not found "the one.." As you probably know by now I don't like to dance around the truth, I am blunt and to the freakin point.. So here we go my friend.

You you are searching for someone to complete you.. to meet you in the places where you are not meeting yourself.. This is a recipe for relationship disaster (attracting the wrong partner over and over and it driving you freakin mad).

Oh I danced this toxic dance with myself for decades, looking for "him" absolutely everywhere I went. Then when I couldn't find him I would I would fill myself with the next best thing, food or a substance (bagels & joints were my fav numbing agents). Until I finally unraveled the pattern, that nasty little bugger, causing me to seek outside myself for love.

How effed is that- we are love- it is within us and yet we have been programmed to believe it is outside. "The One" is not a person. It is the energy of wholeness within that than allows for potential alignment with another energy of a similar frequency.  

As Rumi says, to find the beloved you must first become the beloved.  This isn't woo woo magic - it's pure physics. This is the alchemical process of transformation and you can give it to yourself right now by

  1. Catching yourself when you are seeking outside for love

  2. Rerouting the direction from out to in and giving that which you are seeking TO YOURSELF.

Again & Again & Again. Until the pattern is reversed and you become a fully self sourced sovereign bad ass. 

These two steps are the gold, the simplified roadmap to wholeness & now you have it in the palm of your hands. 

I love you- you've got this.. and if you need a helping hand over the bridge I am always here. Email me back to learn the many ways I can support you.

With love,


A Poem to the Sisters


Dearest Sisters, we are creation in motion, 
Waves of wild and holy swimming through the ocean.
Shaping reality with our thoughts, words and our dance,
Let us be mindful of every step we take, every glance.
Let us stay aware of the place we are moving from,
Not to move with fear, or to the beat of someone else's drum.
Dearest Sisters let us move together from love,
Let us live from our purity, like the angels up above.
We've got this. We are this. Together we dance,
Reminding others who they are, with a single glance.

Wholly Woman

A woman whole in herself moves, speaks, and emotes from deep within her center where she is guided by the Goddess and her intuition. She dances from her heart, you can feel it in way she sways her hips not only for herself, but for the remembering of all who watch her.

She has battled her own inner dragons, has taken full responsibility for the darkness within her, and has unraveled the patterns within her kicking and screaming to keep her darkness alive.

She knows these civil wars were fought and won inside her so that she can serve as a guide for others to journey through their own unraveling and return home. She is devoted to anchoring this process for all women on this planet.

She has understood how to harness her wisdom and fire into being a creator and bridge for the new world. While she has enough awareness and power to destroy the old one, she is wise enough to know she is meant to create versus destroy. So instead she no longer subscribes to the patriarchal narratives controlling the stale system crumbling around her, while she thoroughly comprehends the web that has ruled the world through the suppression of feminine empowerment, love, connection, oneness, and pleasure.

Her body, energy, relationships, connection to the Divine and nature are her temple and she only invites other temples to come close.

To all the women on the journey to wholeness, I bow to your perserverance. Thank you for rebuilding your temple. I am so infinitely grateful for your presence and commitment to yourself.

7 Steps to Wholeness

The villainous witch, the destructive bitch, and the fearful child underneath it all… I have been silent these few months as I face these parts of myself I kept hidden for lifetimes underneath a facade of “everything is perfect.”

Until now, at this point in my awareness and commitment to myself there is no more room to hide, the mask has been stripped and I am raw. Now I fully surrender to these icky sticky sides of myself. Now the real work begins.

Here is the process that is helping me shed these layers and return to wholeness, I share in hopes that it will work be able to support you as well.

When we are creating pain or separation in our lives, seeing through the lens of fear, or seeking outside for wholeness..
1. Become aware- observe verses engage.
2. Take full responsibility for what you are creating.
3. Ask yourself – Why am I doing this? How am I trying to protect myself/ control life? What fears are driving this?
4. Feel it. Feel it all in its entirety.
5. Integrate the lesson being revealed.
6. Forgive yourself for your previous lack of awareness.
7. Shift into your new lens. Shift into love.

You do not have to stay in the dark. We shed light on our shadows to bring them to completion. You do not have to over process. You just have to take responsibility and commit to shifting into a new operating system.

Thank you for your courage. The more of us who shed and shift, the lighter it gets for all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

I am "The One"

Somewhere along the history of our time, this definition lost its original meaning. Relationships have changed from a healthy bond between self-sufficient individuals to a deep dependency between two people saturated with attachment and lack. The latter approach is due entirely to a missing step in the process: Becoming whole and compete in our own skin before seeking partnership and looking inside for answers.

Hold your horses, no need to freak! I am not saying this is the case for every relationship, but let’s put it this way: how many people do you know who have put in the time, money, energy and commitment to truly finding themselves, clearing away past programming, and becoming their greatest potential? While this number is rising rapidly, we are still living in a society drenched with dependency, self-loathing, and projecting our emotions outward.

Just turn on the news for the most explosive example of this: War. War is caused by the projection of internal pain and blockages outward, transforming into violence and hatred. This primal projection lands on the easiest available target: religion, gender, sexuality, and race. War is not caused by people authentically hating others; War is caused by the inability to effectively communicate with someone else due to the war going inside the human mind.

Now let’s take a look at romantic relationships, after all that’s the area we all crave at our core. We all crave love, support, and affection. We all crave that feeling of being desired by someone, feeling safe and secure in a relationship, and feeling true intimacy with a partner. This may sound all fun and dandy but do you see the underlying theme here? Do you see the similarity between romantic relationships and war?

If I am saying that war is caused by projecting unresolved emotions outward, this is actually no different to the wars existing in relationships. They are both caused by the failure of looking inward, the failure of becoming whole and complete within ourselves first.

All relationship wars and battles can be resolved by this sacred tool: Looking inward. By taking responsibility as the creator of the missed communication, releasing victim mentality, and acknowledging how the other person is reflecting of our own internal war.
For those of you hearing this concept for the first time, start practicing by catching yourself before you react to an external trigger. In this gap period, ask yourself where is this coming from? How could this possibly be coming from me? The next step would be to find the internal reflection that is being magnified by this external trigger.

Here is an example of a reflection that came up for me my entire dating life, from 13 to just 6 months ago. I had a pattern of attracting men who made me feel small, unworthy, and undervalued. Why? Because I was lacking my own self-worth, I did not value myself, and I wasn’t living at my fullest potential. Once I began to work on my own relationship with myself, I immediately started attracting men who treated me the way I always deserved to be treated! They began to reflect my own internal self-love and self-worth. You see, people can only treat you the way you treat yourself. You are the center of your solar system; everything has been created for your evolution, for your growth. You are your own everything. You are “the one.”


Becoming my Own Soul Mate

I am learning to become my own soul mate, my own best friend, and my own everything.

Like many of us, I struggle being alone at times, both in public and in private. In public, while waiting for a friend at a restaurant or a bar my mind often goes crazy with ego fueled thoughts like, “what if people think I am a loser for being alone? Can people tell how uncomfortable I am? What if someone I used to date sees me here all by myself and thinks I must be crazy for being 27 and still single?”

The moment that the flood of thoughts become too much, I instinctively reach for protection: my beloved iPhone, and immediately a wave of comfort rushes over me. What is it that our phones do in these moments? I have done a lot of thinking and observing on this and I believe we escape into our phones when we feel uncomfortable out in the world, when we start to believe the stories in our heads about what people may be thinking. The reality is that nearly 99/100 times the stories are entirely false. The other people are too busy worrying about themselves to even care.

Using my phone as a comfort blanket is no different than me feeling exponentially more confident going out to a party with a friend by my side. These are all external energies that we rely on for comfort, yet they are merely reflections of ourselves so really, we have all the comfort inside of us already.

In September I am challenging myself to go to India alone. I am going to rid myself of all of these external comfort blankets and become entirely okay being alone, without the reassurance or confidence booster of technology or a best friend.

I am committed to becoming my own everything, to being 100% okay alone in my own skin and not believing my own stories about what people may think. It is when we love ourselves unconditionally, that we attract magic into our lives, and I’m committed to living a life full of magic.

How my Life Turned Upside Down After a Week Deep in the Amazon Jungle

During my weeklong adventure in Peru’s Amazon jungle I learned a very important lesson that will forever change the way I see life.

Until this trip, I had a lifelong fear of bugs, of the diseases they carry, of their mere physicality, of the unknown really. With the selfless support of the other teachers and shamans by my side, Daniel Gutierrez and Eva Charlotte, I was able to put this deep seeded fear to bed once and for all.

What I am about to share is the summation of my lightbulb moment, of the aha that bursted the fear bubble that once blocked me from fully trusting, fully surrendering to the beauty of life. It is my hope that by sharing you will be able to separate from your own mind fears and live a life of freedom and trust.

Here goes..

There are two main types of fear: imaginative and real.

Imaginative fear is created in the mind and is caused by us living either in the past or in the future.

It is caused by us refusing to let go of painful memories or living inside ridiculous stories we have once heard, that are just that- stories with no evidence to back them up. We are projecting the past into the present and we are living inside old, stale wounds.

It is caused by the mind creating fears of what might occur in the future. We think we are protecting ourselves, when in fact we are paralyzing ourselves. When we activate this false sense of protection, this life jacket we glue to ourselves becomes our straight jacket.

This imaginative type of fear does not serve us in the slightest, it robs us the gift of the present moment and drives us absolutely mad!

The beautiful thing about fear is when you run to it it runs away. -Robin Sharma

On the other hand, the kind of fear which is from the body, is warranted and serves us well.

This type of fear floods us with adrenaline so that we can protect ourselves in the moment from a genuine threat. For example if a tiger crossed our path we would go into fight or flight so that we could survive.

This is a genuine threat to our safety, this is not imaginative nor is it only in the mind, it is in physical form staring you in the face.

See the difference now?

So the next time you feel fear coming over you, ask yourself is this real or am I imagining?

99% of the time it’s from our minds, so take a deep breath and relax back into the present.

The Inner Work 101

What do you think are our most common limiting beliefs?

Drumroll please:
– I am not worthy of love
– I am not good enough to have what I want
– I am too different so I cannot connect
– What I want and need isn’t available to me

Where the eff did these beliefs come from? Well, we were born completely neutral energy, a clean slate, and then a core trauma occurs. It could be as tiny as your cat running away or as big as the loss of a loved one. No matter what the trauma is, our reaction is all the same: We take the blame, we believe that it is all our fault. We then develop a specific lens in which we see the world where we recreate situations over and over so we can prove this belief to be true.

Here’s the thing.. this core belief can go away just as easy as it was created because it is not true, it is a lie, an illusion.

First, identify it by asking the following questions:
– What is the way you want to make an impact in the world?
– What is the belief you have about your inability to do so?

The way you feel about giving your gift to the world is the same thing stopping you from everything: optimal health, love, financial freedom, all of it.

Then stalk the shit out of yourself so when it comes up you can observe it versus let it run the show. Stalk your thoughts, words and actions that stem from this belief.

What questions do you have about this process?

Welcome in the New Paradigm of "Work"

When I say the word “work” what comes to mind?

The most common reactions are:

– The way in which we make an income
– Reaching external goals
– Physical exercise

I am here to share that most of the hours of my day are spent doing none of the above… and guess what, this way has provided me with more financial freedom, bliss, fulfillment, a better body, and overall success than any of those old paradigm beliefs ever did.

Your eyeballs are in the right place because I am about to share the style of work that has transformed my life from dull and numb to complete ecstasy.
– Remembering who I am in every moment: a creator of my reality worthy of everything I want in life and more
– Stalking and releasing any thoughts, words, or actions that are not aligned with this truth
– Opening my heart to deeper levels of love and bliss
– Aligning to my purpose

Here is the lightbulb moment: You don’t have to work hard. You are not wired to work 40 hour work weeks, sit in an office, or exert energy on anything that isn’t a fuck yes from your core.

Instead, we work smart:
– Taking care of yourself first and foremost
– Doing the INNER work- prioritizing your mind, body and spirit before any external project is even entertained
– Creating a business which gives your gifts to the world

If you are ready to smart work and say goodbye to hard work you know where to find me.

Matrix Midwife

For years I hid my wild self from you & from the world
Paralyzed from fear of being truly seen, unmasked & naked
Powerless from fear of rejection, of failure, of success.

Until one day this mask began to deteriorate my body
So I dedicated myself to shedding it all, layers after suffocating layer
Now I am liberated from my amor of I am not enough
Now I am free from my cage of I am not worthy.

Now I stand here in my power, here to awaken you to yours
Here to say that you have a blinding light inside you
That the world is hungry for, ravenous really.

Here is the thing, we have all been given a single piece of the puzzle
For our world to shift from dark to light, asleep to awake
Your piece, your light, is needed to make the transition

Are you ready to discover your piece, the diamond inside,
Ready to be magnified & exploded into the world
So that you can find your message, your voice, your tribe?

You are in the right place my love
This is my puzzle piece, I am a matrix midwife
Here to awaken and activate those starving at the core
To discover and embody their unique mission on the planet
You are not alone, there is a whole family waiting for you
Thank you for your courage, I love you so fucking much