It’s no longer about the pursuit of happiness, it’s about the PRACTICE of it.

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Intention | Embodiment | Activation

In order to evolve our lives, we first get to evolve our relationship with ourselves. This is where our practice come into play.

About me and this Practice: Through 40+ countries, 5 continents I journeyed to study the worlds religions, traditions, and ancient wisdom modalities that has been guiding us back home for centuries

I have always known there was a path out of our Karma, into our Dharma (out of past loop cycles and into our life purpose). I knew it had been fragmented, that it was spread throughout the world and that it was my job to find the puzzle pieces and synthesize it into a life system that people could easily adopt… and so I did…

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So I journeyed across the globe studying these ancient cultures, where they were still living from the awareness that I knew in my soul to be true. Trekking through jungles, sleeping in hammocks, exploring sacred medicine, dedicating all of me to understanding how to release what no longer serves us and activate who we truly are..

Here is what I discovered:

  • There are 5 core elements required to live a life of passion, purpose and power

  • Our inner state of being has the power to create our reality

  • Being happy, being on the “right path,” is a practice that takes devotion, commitment, and daily choice

  • It is not something outside of us, it has been here all along, waiting to be remembered


5 Elements to the Inner Practice:



“You have the infinite intelligence of the cosmos in you. This is a fact, not a Rumi poem” - Mark Whitwell

You will remember that the same intelligence that created the magic of the cosmos and the magnificence of nature looked at YOU and thought yup, the world needs one of you too.

Feel connected to and supported by this universal flow of love. 



With this connection to the universal flow of life and love, you will feel confident taking strides and leaps toward the life you truly.

This confidence will allow you to discover what it is you desire and how you would love for your life to be, this ideal life vision is how you align to your Higher Self.

Everything we want is within reach, we just have to plug into it. We will plug into your ideal reality: what you want to experience, create, and feel.

You will become proactive versus reactive with your dreams and desires by taking control of living your lives the way you actually want to live it.



Get to the stage of feeling love for yourself, so that you are no longer reliant on love from the outside.

Break free of past loop cycles so you can be present, here and now and able to create.

As two energies cannot occupy the same space, in order to be do and have the life we aligned to above, we get to release all the old energy in order to make space for the new.

The old energy is not bad, wrong, or broken, it is simply been disconnected from. The way to release the old, aka reconnect ourselves, is by taking the time to let it be heard, uncovering the lesson, and integrating it.

You will clear all uncertainty and blocks in the way of your ideal reality and keep refining your dream until it is all you can fathom. From this state, when you can’t imagine it any other way, it will show up in your reality.



Create cohesion within the body, heart, nervous system to bring more grace into your being and into your life.

Healing occurs when we are in total cohesion with all aspects of ourselves, in homeostasis.

A moving prayer, linking the body and breath to its source of life itself. Redistributing the energy throughout the body, so the mind assists the body versus runs the show.



From this inner stability you will be able to navigate life's natural cycles and any external challenges with your own ground and grace versus allowing them take you down.

Apply this to the real world, in the physical through anchors reminding you of this shift, of the reality you are aligning to, and ethereally through visualizing and declaring how your day ahead is going to go.

You will have a proactive practice, a morning practice encompassing all the above elements as well as a reactive practice to bring yourself back to your center if triggers surface.

You will:

  • To be somewhere, versus get somewhere

  • To merge with yourself, to be intimate with yourself and with all of life

  • To merge your ideal reality with this physical reality, so your dreams are able to actualize