Little Miss Sunshine on the outside, miserable on the inside.. this was the story of my life until one day I woke up inside a body that said "Sorry babe, it's been real, but I'm out."

On paper, I had it made: raised in sunny Los Angeles to an all American family, worked and adventured abroad in nearly 50 countries within Asia, Europe and Africa, held reputable jobs within household Corporate American conglomerates, and dated a slew of beautiful men. 

While on the inside, I was living inside a war zone. The sound of my ego to look cool on social media and gain approval from my parents was blaring so loud that I could not hear my own voice nor feel my own feelings.  So I numbed myself with whatever I could get my hands on: vodka soda, joint, food, or attention from the next hot fling... always reaching outside myself and never within.



After years of this, within an instant everything changed when I woke up one day inside a body numb from the neck down, with a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder with a doctors recommendation of "sorry there is nothing we can do."

So I did the only thing that felt right: I quit my corporate job and made it my mission to understand what was happening to my body so that I could heal it. This desire has taken me to the mountains of India to study yoga, emotional healing, nutrition, and meditation. Here I  finally began to understand how to feel my feelings, release decades of suppressed emotions and traumas, and receive significant awareness over our subconscious patterns.



This desire took me to the jungles of Peru to study plant medicine and South American shamanism. Here I began to comprehend that I am the creator of my reality: If my body is attacking itself or I notice any patterns in myself, I can reverse them by identifying the reason I am doing it and loving myself fiercely.

I am forever a student, my life is a giant school of deepening my awareness.

Through my studies within ancient and modern healing modalities around the world, I have synthesized the core truth guiding these bodies of work into tangible tools for self awareness and mastery. Now I invite those who are ready into this life altering process through ceremonial coaching, public speaking, writing and facilitating retreats around the world.

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